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3 Core Lamp Lighting Flex - 0.5mm² Black - PVCB3C

3 Core Lamp Lighting Flex - 0.5mm² Black - PVCB3C

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Very competitively priced, at just £2.85 per metre, this quality  cable is manufactured in the UK. Overall diameter of 6mm.

This PVC 3 core light flex is earthed; double insulated and can be used to rewire metal light fittings. Sold by the metre, also available in Gold.

You can order longer lengths at the checkout, by simply increasing the quantity. A quantity of 2=2 metres and will be supplied in one single 2 metre length. This is quality cable manufactured in the UK. Rated 3 Amp.

We recommend 3 metres for table lamps, taking into account the amount of cable used inside the lamp. 

Discounts are available for orders of 30 metres or more of single colour lighting flex.